Jessica Burroughs ’18

Major: business and economics

“I work as an HR Systems Associate at EAB. Everything I do relates back to the data EAB collects on its current, previous, and future employees. Sometimes that means pulling reports for senior executives at the company, other times that means working with employees to correct/update their data on time tracking, benefits, compensation, etc.

“At Randolph, I picked up a few technical skills, such as writing executive summaries and analyzing large sets of data, that I use in my role; however, the transferrable skills I gained behind the Red Brick Wall have been so much more important to my daily work life. During college, my analytical thinking, communication, and time management skills improved exponentially, both from my interactions inside and outside the classroom. As a liberal arts college, Randolph does an incredible job at emphasizing that students build strong writing skills, enroll in diverse courses, and use the vast network of resources (tutors, advisors, counselors, etc.) so that graduates are prepared to succeed in any role they take on.”