summer research 2014

Student research zeroes in on motivations and obstacles for volunteers

Photo of students working together

Abigail Smith ’15 hopes her Summer Research project will help more young adults spend time serving others in their communities. She is researching the factors that influence the decisions of Randolph College students to volunteer—or not volunteer.... READ MORE >>

Evolution, psychology, and physical attraction

Photo of students with profressor

Open up almost any magazine aimed at teenagers and young adults, and you can find numerous articles about how to be attractive, either through the way one dresses, acts, or talks. Two Randolph students are working on scientific research into the topic of attractiveness. But their work is designed to lead not to more dating... READ MORE >>

How the liberal arts made Ayn Dietrich ’04 a spokesperson for the FBI

Ayn Dietrich ’04

Every day, Ayn Dietrich ’04 talks with reporters about high profile cases involving federal investigators, from suspected terrorist activity to searches for missing children. She previously served as an intelligence analyst and the person who briefs the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the attorney general on important cases. Friday afternoon, she gave... READ MORE >>