Class of 2019

Saturday adventures help first-year students form friendships

Photo of students tubing in the James River

As part of Randolph College’s first-year orientation, members of the Class of 2019 spent their first Saturday exploring the wide variety of recreational activities Virginia has to offer, including tubing down the James River, hiking Sharp Top Mountain, engaging in paintball warfare in Glasgow, and studying acclaimed artwork at the Virginia Fine Arts Museum in... READ MORE >>

Randolph welcomes Class of 2019 to campus

Photo of students and parents moving in.

Randolph College welcomed 234 new students today, with a large crew of faculty and staff volunteers helping families haul boxes, suitcases, and other items during the College’s annual move-in. Randolph is expecting a total student body of about 700—a 40 percent increase since 2009.  The remainder of students will arrive this weekend. “We are very... READ MORE >>