Kadri Hearns ’18

Major: Mathematics

“I’m currently a software engineer I at LexisNexis Risk Solutions, Alpharetta location. I run test cases and ensure the code runs properly, and if it doesn’t, then I debug and correct it. As I recently started, some of my responsibilities will be changing soon after some of the training.

“The Preliminary Java classes at Randolph were very beneficial to me in my current job as I am using Java and Python programs currently. However, what Randolph really helped me with is partnering me with an excellent advisor who continually pushed me when I really needed it. Professors Ordower and Sheldon didn’t take no for an answer, knew I could do better, and were very encouraging, so for this job and others I know that I can do whatever is needed if I keep trying. I was also a student-athlete trying to balance studies and my sport. That time management is extraordinarily helpful, and so was having a coach that made sure we finished what we needed to get done so that we could not only excel on the field but also in the classroom. All of that helps not just with work, but with life. There’s always another way, so if you fail the first time you have to keep trying.”