About the Program

The Randolph College M.F.A. program is a two-year, intensive degree in theatre: acting, directing, and design.

The Residencies

During the two years, students complete four semesters of virtual one-on-one mentorship, theatre coursework, and attend five residency sessions in Virginia.

Each semester begins with a residency session, and the student’s last semester ends with a fifth and final graduation residency.

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Working with Faculty

Our Award-Winning Theatre Faculty attend the residency sessions to mentor students, deliver insightful lectures, facilitate discussions, and lead collaborative workshops.

Theatre for the Modern World

The Randolph M.F.A. brings together a faculty of exceptional theatrical practitioners who represent and value the full aesthetic and sociological diversity of contemporary theater.

The theatre world is in an historic moment where change is being demanded. Theatre has always been an evolving art, sensitive to social change and progress, but that has not meant that theatre programs have educated theatre artists to actively engage in changing how we approach theater.

Our new low-residency program integrates the importance of diversity, inclusion, mental health, and safe practices in all our work to help build healthier theatre communities and practices.

The Semesters

After the residency session, each student works with one faculty mentor for 18 weeks, completing project-based coursework, specifically assigned for the individual student artist.

The work over the course of each semester will culminate in a final performance or presentation.

Faculty mentors meet and communicate regularly with students, providing training, feedback, and direction. This is an exciting, personal approach to developing each student’s skills and artistic voice.

In addition to the one on one mentorship, students take part in one additional course each semester

The Degree

The last mentorship semester will conclude with a final residency, in which the student will perform or present their final thesis project for a public audience, including M.F.A. students and faculty.

The M.F.A. is a degree program offered by the department of performing arts at Randolph College.

For full curriculum details, examine the M.F.A. Curriculum.

The Experience

We are committed to helping our students build a meaningful life and career as literary citizens.

This begins with understanding each student’s goals and by providing access, education, advice, support, and opportunities–such as with Endstation Theatre, our professional resident theatre at Randolph College.