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Off Campus Reporting Options

Lynchburg Police Department
The Lynchburg Police Department is located at 905 Court Street, Lynchburg, VA 24504. However, Officers can meet with students on campus to take a report. They are available for emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 911. Individuals may also contact the Complaint Desk (434.455.6041) or Non-emergency Dispatch (434.847.1602) to be connected with an Officer.

Lynchburg General Hospital Emergency Department
The Emergency Department is located at 1901 Tate Springs Road, Lynchburg, VA, 24501. The Emergency Department is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and offers access to Forensic Nurse Examiners who can collect PERKs (Physical Evidence Recovery Kits). Individuals who go to the Emergency Department have 3 reporting options:

Note: In order to best preserve physical evidence, please do not: shower, douche, urinate, eat, drink, brush your teeth or hair, or smoke. If you need to change clothes, keep the clothes you were wearing in a paper bag. Do not move or destroy any evidence that may be present at the scene of the incident. Don’t clean or straighten your room until the Police have had time to examine it.

  1. NO REPORT.  You will receive needed medical care but do not have to file a report with the Police. You will not see a Forensic Nurse Examiner.
    •    Benefit: You get the follow-up medical care you need (including options for pregnancy and STI prevention)
    •    Drawback: No evidence is collected or preserved, and therefor won’t be available if you decide to file a report with the Police later.
  2. BLIND REPORT.  You can see a Forensic Nurse Examiner and have a PERK collected if the assault happened within the past 72 hours. The PERK will be stored anonymously at a laboratory for 120 days, after which it will be destroyed. You do not have to file a report with the Police that day.
    • Benefit: You are preserving some evidence in case you decide to file a report with the Police later. It gives you more time to weigh your options.
    • Drawback: No additional evidence will be collected (for example, evidence from a dorm room such as sheets). You will have to tell your story again if you later decide to report to Police.
  3. FULL REPORT.  You can see a Forensic Nurse Examiner and have a PERK collected up to 120* hours after the assault. You will file a report with the Police at the same time.
    • Benefit: You will collect all available evidence, and Police will start working your case immediately. You only have to tell your story once, as Police and the Forensic Nurse Examiner will interview you at the same time.
    • Drawback: You will have to share details about what happened to you.
    • *The reason the amount of time is different than the “Blind Report” option is because a Police order is required to collect evidence beyond 72 hours.
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