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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    We are extremely excited for this new innovative model, which was specifically developed by our faculty for our students. The faculty studied our current curricular model and decided that the traditional system of four or five classes a week for 14 weeks was not the best way to teach our students. They overwhelmingly supported a new model in which our semesters will be divided into two sessions. During each session, students will take approximately two, 4-credit courses. We believe this model will allow students to better focus on their learning, and it will allow them to better pace their lives and balance all of their curricular and co-curricular experiences.

    We are happy to see you finish your program in our traditional model—you don’t have to focus on the new curricular model. Between now and your graduation date, you will begin to hear about the TAKE2 model, which was designed by your faculty for our students. Members of your class were instrumental in helping the faculty build and fine-tune this new model.

    Yes! Your faculty are working to ensure that the pace with which you are currently completing your major will not change in the TAKE2 program. Since courses are increasing in credit-hours (from 3 to 4 credits), but the total credits to graduate will remain at 124 credits, some of our students may actually be able to graduate sooner.

    Your advisors can give you the scoop on what this means for your major of choice and help guide you as you make course selections in the future.

    Faculty members have carefully reviewed major requirements, and you should be able to complete your majors on time in the new model. Major advisors can help answer questions.

    Yes! The TAKE2 program will allow students to continue to partake in internship opportunities. Internship hours, calculated as non-academic pass/fail experiences, may be completed over a full semester (14 weeks), and 4-credit internships may replace a regular 4-credit course.

    Departments and divisions are working together to ensure course offerings are spread out to maximize availability to students. Advisors will work with students individually to show them when their major, minor, and general education courses are being offered, so they can plan accordingly.

    Transfer students will still be able to transfer in courses from other institutions using our same transfer agreement/process.

    Any student considering a change of major should meet with both their current advisor, as well as faculty from the desired department to plan out which courses are needed. As with our current system, a late change of major sometimes means extra time towards degree.

    If you choose to participate in the college consortium, the classes you take at another institution will continue to follow that school’s course schedule. Students from our consortium partner schools who take courses at Randolph will take them in the 7-week format.

    Class sizes should not be impacted by the TAKE2 program. Increased enrollment at the College would increase class size, just as it does in the current system.

    Full-semester study abroad experience will continue in its current format. Summer study-tours will not be impacted by the TAKE2 model. All other study abroad experiences will need to adjust their timing to coincide with our new yearly calendar.

    You can! Students can register for up to 20 credit hours for the semester without being considered an overload. This might be in the format of three 4-credit courses in Session 1 (12 credits) and two 4-credit courses in Session 2 (8 credits). Or it could be two 4-credit courses in each session plus additional 1-credit and 2-credit courses.

    Self-scheduled exams stay! We value our Honor Code and the longstanding tradition of unproctored exams, and this new model will not change this privilege. Our current calendar schedules a 5-day exam period at the end of each semester. In the TAKE2 system, there will be 2.5 days for self-scheduled exams at the end of each 7-week session. Remember, in our current system, students take 5+ courses in a semester; in TAKE2, they will be enrolled in 2 courses per session.

    We are happy to work with any student or family to answer all of your questions. This is a big change, but we believe the TAKE2 model will provide an engaging and successful learning environment for you. Contact

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