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Employee Service Awards

The College held its Faculty and Staff Recognition Reception in May. Years of Service awards were presented to employees who have reached the following service milestones as of June 30, 2013:

10 Years:
Dave Blount
Susan Clay
Kelly Kirkwood
Martha Johnson
Clinton Mosley
Victor Proctor

15 Years:
Carla Blankinship
Cindy Lyons
Jim Peterson (also retiring)
Peter Sheldon
Gerry Sherayko
Barbara Thrasher

20 Years:
Mark Gilbert
Ted Hostetler
Susan Johnson
Susan Stevens
Klawa Thresher

30 Years:
Dan Stiffler

35 Years:
John Justice (also retiring)
Doug Shedd

Bob Hefner
John Justice
John Klein
Eric Mitchell
Jim Peterson
JoAnne Pierce

In addition, four individual awards were presented, as follows:

Wildcat Crusader - Brenda Edson

ABCD (above and beyond the call of duty) - Bobby Bennett

Master of Multi-tasking - Susan Clay

Unsung Hero - Joan Smith

Pictures from the 2013 Employee Service Awards: