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Chet Halka

Chair of the Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, Professor of Spanish
B.A., Dartmouth College; M.A., Ph.D., Brown University

I believe that language, literature, and culture are intricately and completely interconnected. What interests me about literature and culture is that they can help us learn not only about others but also, and perhaps more importantly, that they can help us to learn about ourselves.

Exploring the preconceptions that we bring to the study of language, literature and culture allows us to be more conscious of the forces and influences that have made us who we are. With this knowledge we can better decide who we would like to become.

I've always enjoyed words and learning where they've come from and how they've come to mean what they do today. Some of my other interests include Star Trek, music (primarily rock, folk and classical), puzzlers, Eastern philosophies, and popular works by scientists who know how to write well, such as the biopsychologist Steven Pinker and the physicist Brian Greene. I also enjoy reading literature intended for children and young adults, and discussing such works with my daughters, Suzanne and Melissa.

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