SAS Application Information

Application Submission

Please download and read the Application Instructions document before following the link to the application form. Please be sure to pay attention to the checklist in the Instructions form. Please complete the application form, linked below, on SurveyMonkey, and be sure to ask a faculty member to fill out the Faculty Mentor Support form if your project was not previously nominated. Faculty may submit the application on a student’s behalf. Applications for participation in the Symposium of Artists and Scholars are due by 5 p.m. on Thursday, February 26, 2015.

  1. Application Instructions (PDF) (MS Word)
  2. Faculty Mentor Support Form:
  3. Student Application Form:

Selection Criteria

Each proposal will be reviewed by the members of the Student Scholarship Committee. Presentations will be organized, scheduled, and grouped by the committee. The committee’s goal is to bring together a collection of projects that presents the best work of our students and also accurately represents the wide array of scholarly and creative activities occurring on campus.


Acceptances will be announced soon after spring break in March.


Contact the Center for Student Research,, with any questions about the Symposium or the application process.

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